Why Should I Consider Installing a Fire Sprinkler System?

Nearly everyone has a fire extinguisher in their home, but for many people, fire sprinkler systems are high-end devices that are only used in hotels and business headquarters. Fire sprinkler systems can actually be extremely helpful for all sorts of places, including individually-owned homes! While many fire codes require suppression systems in commercial buildings, they can easily be installed in personal residences, and are often very affordable. If you’re considering taking the extra step to truly protect yourself against fires, here are some things you should know.
Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Mostly Effective Against Certain Types of Fires
The reason there are different fire suppression systems on the market is because different types of fires are put out most effectively in different ways. For example, fire sprinkler systems won’t work very well in the kitchen, because grease fires are not stopped by water, and that may actually make the problem worse. For the rest of your house, however, fire sprinkler systems may be more effective than foam or gas systems, because they’re less likely to require significant amounts of cleanup.
Sprinkler Systems Are Usually Very Easy to Refill
Whereas foam and gas systems often require a professional refilling after being triggered, many sprinkler systems just hook up to preexisting water lines. You will definitely need to invest in professional repair and maintenance at times, but you’ll have to seek out professional help with any suppression system, regardless of what type you’re using. As long as you buy from a trustworthy source, you should have no special issues based on using a sprinkler system rather than a different one.
The Cost for Sprinkler Systems Is Generally Fairly Low
There are many reasons sprinklers may be less expensive than some other types of suppression systems. Rather than spending extra money on buying foam, gas, and chemical refills, the only costs that are usually associated with triggering a sprinkler fire suppression system are utility costs. However, remember that the California drought has impacted water prices throughout Los Angeles. It’s probably a good idea to get information on how much water your potential sprinkler system will use, so you know how expensive it will be if the sprinkler system does go off. Remember, though, that protecting your life and possessions is priceless, and the cost associated with a fire suppression system is always worth it.