Vehicle Suppression Systems

When you are driving to work, going to school or racing at the track, vehicle fire suppression systems will help protect against injury. The vehicle fire suppression systems installed and/ or designed by Majestic Fire Protection are quality installations that will suppress a fire before it can reach you and those you love. Vehicle fire suppression systems can even be installed in industrial and commercial vehicle’s to give you a peace of mind that your employees are safe. Not only do our systems protect families and employees, but it also makes sure that your vehicular equipment sustains the minimum flame and smoke damage when an accident and/or fire occurs.

fire suppression
Vehicle Systems: Amerex vehicle fire suppression systems.


Ever-Present Dangers

  • Vehicle fire suppression systems can offer the following benefits:
  • Detection and automatic suppression of vehicle fires
  • User control fire suppression
  • Comprehensive user control panel
  • User shutdown control
  • Self-contained battery
  • Lower insurance premiums

ANSUL Commercial Vehicle Fire Suppression

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