LAFD Chief's Regulation 4

LAFD Chief's Regulation 4
LAFD Chief's Regulation 4

The Chief’s Regulation #4 are the rules and regulations regarding the testing and repair of Fire Protection equipment in Los Angeles City. The rules are governed by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department and give fire protection professionals, business owners, and the general public complete listings of what is necessary for all categories of fire protection systems and equipment. The provisions of Chief’s Regulation #4 certifies companies in the following areas of fire protection testing.

Our Regulation 4

Certifications & Specialities:
  • Annual Elevator Phase 1 and 2 Test
  • 5 Year Fire Sprinkler Testing
  • Annual Basic Fire Life Safety Systems Test
  • Annual Basic and Complex Fire Life Safety Systems Test
  • Annual Battery certification
  • Annual Central Station Test
  • Annual Class 1 Standpipe Test
  • Annual Class 2 Standpipe Test
  • Annual Class 3 Standpipe Test
  • Annual Combined Standpipe Test
  • Annual Elevator Witness Only Test


  • Annual Emergency Generator and Battery Systems Test
  • Annual Fire Escape Assemblies Test
  • Annual Fire Pumps Test
  • Annual Gas Detection Tests
  • Annual Mechanical Smoke-Proof Enclosures Test
  • Annual Pressurised Stair shaft Test
  • Annual Smoke Evacuation Test

If your searching for any service in these areas you should make sure that you choose a company that is certified to give the best service according to The Chief’s Regulation #4. Give us a call for a free consultation. We are fully certified and have great customer service for all your regulation 4 requirements.

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