Standpipe Systems


Repair & Installation

One of the specializations of Majestic Fire Protection is the installation and repair of standpipe systems for all fire safety systems. When a fire takes place at your facility the standpipe system makes sure that rapid access to water is available to the designated areas. The standpipe is installed by the fire protection engineer in coordination with the fire sprinkler systems.  Standpipe systems are classified utilizing three system area classification.

Class 1 Systems Standpipe systems

These systems are provided for exclusive use a fire department personnel and provides heavy water streams in high-rise buildings without sprinklers. This system makes sure that fire department personnel have access to water that candy beyond the reach of fire department ladders from fire engines and street-level fire hydrants.  Class one standpipe systems have 2 ½ inch 64 mm hose connections that are utilized by most fire departments.

Class 2 Systems Standpipe systems

Class II systems are installed for trained building personnel to control fires until the fire department arrives at the scene. You will see the systems on building walls and that they utilize one and a half inch or 38 mm hose lines.

Class 3 Systems Standpipe Systems

Class III system standpipes or a type of merging of class 1 Systems and class 2 Systems because they can be utilized by building occupants that are trained in fire control and also professional firefighters when day arrive on scene. These systems can be anywhere from 1 ½ inch inch hole stations to 2 ½ in. inch hole stations.


Installation of standby systems

Installation of standpipe systems are governed by local fire protection laws and regulations and are usually found in tall buildings, Large structures or in any commercial or industrial structure that is manufacturing or handling materials that can cause difficulty extinguishing fires. Standpipe systems are also installed in large ground facilities that cover a large area that may be hard-to-reach. Standpipe systems are usually installed in coordination with sprinkler systems and use a dry standpipe configuration. This configuration only sends water to areas that are in need during fire events and do not flood all areas of the building with water. This type of dry pipe system decreases the amount of cleanup necessary after a fire event that can because by water damage from the fire control system. Nevertheless, these standpipe systems can also be installed is a wet system, meaning that the entire system is always filled with water. Insurance companies require certain types of fire extinguisher systems depending upon how the business and or commercial facility is being utilized. Insurance providers will also extend a discount if the fire protection system is comprehensive enough to quickly extinguish fires expeditiously.

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