IconsFS Fire Sprinkler

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance


To reduce fires and fire fatalities it’s standard code to have fire sprinkler systems installed in commercial and industrial buildings. Sprinkler systems are required as per local building codes. However, just because sprinkler systems are installed is no reason to skip testing, maintenance and repair of systems. It’s vital for these systems to consistently be inspected, maintained properly and tested frequently.

When sprinkler systems are properly installed and maintained these systems have been proven to the best means to protect property and lives in the event of fire. It’s vital that qualified personnel install and maintain the system to have the best results. Also, failure to properly maintain fire sprinkler systems can result in receiving fines, citations or even worse – death.

Inspection: It’s a requirement for sprinkler systems to be inspected in accordance with guidelines set forth by NFPA 25. To conduct a visual inspection of a water based sprinkler system it’s important to verify that the system is free of any physical damage. Qualified technicians can inspect and service all types and brand of sprinkler systems.

Testing: Making sure the system is in proper working order requires a physical tests that determine water-flow, and fire pump tests. Also, the testing of dry pipe, deluge or pre-action valves is vital to assure the entire water-based system is working as designed. These requirements are outlined explicitly in NFPA 25.


Service Requirements