Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing

When you spend thousands on fire suppression systems to make sure your equipment and business is safe from potential fire damage you should be thorough in your assessment of the system under evaluation. Majestic Fire Protection conducts many standard testing procedures one of which is a room integrity test. What this test will tell us is if the gaseous agent utilized in the system that we have designed will be retained in the enclosed space long enough to extinguish the fire.

The most popular way Majestic Fire conducts a Room Integrity Tests, is called the door fan method. This integrity test involves placing a Retrotec Blower Door fan in the door way of the room. The fan is turn on so that the air is bowing inside the room for pressure and is set to the equivalent of the pressure exerted by the fire suppression system being tested.

The room is then depressurized by reversing the flow of the air outside of the room while pressure reading and air flow are recorded by our technicians. Our calculations will include the retention time which is derived from the equivalent leakage area (ELA), calculated from the raw air flow rate number and the below ceiling leakage area (BCLA) which is derived from the raw pressure readings.

Majestic Fire Protection recommends that after the systems has been certified and placed into operation that all of our customer has a continuous plan of patching and making sure the protected areas are sealed properly.

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