UL300 Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems


Today’s commercial cooking environments require the use of hotter burning vegetable oils. This, coupled with highly insulated, slow-cooling appliances have increased the difficulty of extinguishing fires in such kitchens. Majestic Fire can design, install & maintain Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems & commercial cooking fire suppression systems that will prevent & extinguish restaurant fires in these types of cooking environments.

A UL300 Suppression Systems will help extinguish fires in the commercial kitchen environment. The UL300 Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems is configured to quickly extinguish fires caused by hot vegetable oils, grease and commercial cooking appliances. Majestic Fire Protection can design, install & maintain UL300 Suppression Systems along with issuing proper fire certification.

The UL300 Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems is the new standard from the Underwriters Laboratory in 1994 for commercial kitchen operations. Because of the change from cooking with animal fats to vegetable fats; which burn at a higher temperature and keeps food hotter for lengthily periods of time, the need for a new system for fire protection was pivotal. This redesign of the fire system regulation has helped commercial kitchen operators put out fire more productively. All fire protection system manufactures after 1994 have to comply with the UL300 standard.

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