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Majestic Fire Protection specializes in fire extinguisher services, sprinkler systems, hoses, fire suppression systems, exit and emergency lighting and so much more.

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About us

At Majestic Fire Protection we care about the satisfaction of our customers. Our experienced Fire Protection Technicians are certified and trained to provide the best Fire Protection Services in Los Angeles and all of Southern California. Our Fire Extinguisher Service & Fire Sprinkler System experts plan your system, provide installation, maintenance, repair and testing for all types of commercial fire protection & residential fire protection services. Dry sprinkler systems, pre-action sprinkler systems and deluge systems are our specialty. We also have Fire extinguisher and Fire Suppression System Technicians certified by the State Fire Marshal providing fast 24 hour service. Majestic Fire Protection is a full service in-house commercial fire protection company serving Los Angeles, Simi Valley and the Inland Empire. We also repair and test all types of Emergency Exit Lights, Emergency Lights and Smoke Detectors. We take fire protection seriously and make sure all jobs are performed with the highest standards and professionalism.


Alarm Service

We provide fire alarm installation, maintenance, inspection, testing, and repairs. We are certified in most fire alarm services for all brands of Fire Alarm Systems and Central Stations. We are a full service fire protection company with around the clock fire alarm monitoring protection. Majestic Fire also provides in-house fire alarm monitoring.


Sprinkler Service

Fire Sprinkler Systems are designed to give maximum fire protection for commercial fire protection and Residential property types. Majestic Fire Protection offers design, maintenance and certification and is a fire sprinkler system company you can count on.


Emergency Signs

Majestic Fire Protection carries exit and emergency signs for your safety needs. Emergency exit signs are a very important part of your overall fire protection plan. . Keeping your emergency exit signs up to date is important for emergency procedures. Make sure all your emploees and family get out safe. Call Majestic Fire Protection for a free evaluation.


Extigusher Service

Majestic Fire Inc. will match your needs (type and volume of fire) to our extensive line of hand portable fire extinguishers. We make sure that your business or home has the right fire protection services equipment within regulation and to your personal satisfaction.

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Suppression Systems

Hood Fire Suppression Systems control fires in at-risk locations like data centers, server rooms, call centers and commercial kitchens . Servicing Fire Suppression. Systems and keeping a cohesive commercial fire protection plan is paramount to keeping them up to date and the facility up to code.


Hose Service

We offer a wide assortment of fire hose, couplings, nozzles, brass goods, fire fighting monitors, and more. Hydro-static testing is available, also maintenance services on fire hose and nozzles. We carry a wide range of fire hoses to cover all specifications such as Single Jacket Fire Hose, Double Jacket Fire Hoses, Nitrile Coated Fire Hoses, Covered Fire Hoses, Hard Suction Fire Hoses.

Fire Protection Services

Because of the life-saving potential of AEDs and their proven efficacy, our industry has been working to increase accessibility of these devices in public places where cardiac arrest may be a significant risk.  Many of our members currently have them installed in their buildings and many more members have asked for reform. California has recently passed Senate Bill 287. HERE. Now AED  will be in even more places and Majestic Fire can provide more life saving equipment.

Our Story

For over 20 years Majestic Fire Protection has offered the highest quality local fire protection services and equipment. We offer the best Los Angeles fire protection prices, because we are passionate about being the best fire protection company that protects your home and business from the destruction fire can cause. Majestic Fire Protection specializes in fire extinguisher services, fire sprinkler systems installation, fire hose hydro testing, fire suppression systems, exit and emergency lighting, kitchen suppression systems and so much more. You can have confidence in Majestic Fire Protection's equipment, to protect your business and your home.


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