Alarm Technician

  • Testing and Inspecting fire alarm systems in commercial buildings
  • Responding to service requests, diagnose system malfunctions of fire alarms and adjust, repair or replace equipment as needed to bring into compliance
  • Fire Alarm System testing and inspection per NICET and local code standards
  • Preparing accurate and timely service tickets and reports

Fire Alarm Inspector

  • Schedule fire alarm system inspection
  • Run test on fire alarm system
  • Inspect system response
  • Coordinate with fire department to avoid responding to test
  • Repair system if necessary or inform Service Department of customer needs
  • Inform Service department of customer needs
  • Advise customer of test results
  • Train new fire inspectors
  • Perform sprinkler inspection service, as required by California Code Regulations, Title 19.
  • All other miscellaneous responsibilities and other duties as assigned

Warehouse Supervisor

  • Receive material and prepare for distribution to jobs
  • Pick up materials from vendors and deliver to job site or WSFP warehouse
  • Organize, maintain, manage returned material from completed projects
  • Maintain inventory to ensure accurate physical inventory counts at year end
  • Maintain a clean shop and outside area and ensure that special tools and shop equipment are in proper operating condition
  • Manage field tool inventory, ensure all tools are in proper working order
  • Ability to operate a forklift, equipment and machinery according to prescribed safety procedures
  • Review and ensure accuracy of inventory tickets
  • Maintenance, registrations and minor repairs for fleet vehicles
  • Maintain a safe environment in warehouse, yard and job sites
  • Other duties as assigned

Admin Dispatcher

  • Applicants must possess a high degree of emotional self-control and maintain composure to facilitate performance under stressful situations in a collaborative team environment.
    Applicants must:
    • Be willing to take ownership of actions and mistakes.
    • Accept and implement constructive criticism and feedback.
    • Demonstrate measureable progress and improvement throughout the duration of the training program.
    • Have the ability to perform in a team environment.

Fire Alarm Inspector

  • Handle routine and advanced duties for company leadership.
    Provide administrative assistant duties including:
    o Organizing files (paper and/or electronic)
    o Creating correspondence or communications
    o Preparing reports
    o Managing multiple calendars to schedule appointments
    o Preparing agendas, presentations, meeting minutes, action items, and memos
    o Planning events
    o Scheduling travel and preparing itineraries
    o Entering data
    o Preparing purchase orders or invoices
    o Packaging and shipping items
    o Ordering office supplies
    o Generating leads
    o Creating support tickets
    o Answering phones
    o Greeting visitors
    Manage, track, and organize applicable company assets.
    Create, review, analyze, and distribute key business reports as assigned.
    Assist with data-entry, data-analysis, and data-organization efforts in the company’s various business systems.
    Other duties as assigned.

Regulation 4 Technicians


Automatic Closing Fire Assemblies Testers
Automatic Elevator (Phase I & II) Testers
Automatic Sprinkler Testers
Basic Fire Alarm Systems Only Testers
Basic and Complex Fire Alarm Systems Testers
Battery Systems Only Testers
Central Station Testers
Class I Standpipe Testers
Class II Standpipe Testers
Class III Standpipe Testers
Combined Standpipe Testers
Elevator Witness Only Testers
Emergency Generator and Battery Systems Testers
Fire Escape Assemblies Testers
Fire Pumps Testers
Gas Detection Tests
Mechanical Smoke Proof Enclosures Testers
Pressurized Stairshaft Testers
Smoke Evacuation (909/905) Testers
Highrise Life/Safety Consultant List
Healthcare Facility Instructor Consultant List

Sales Representative


Responsibilities include servicing, repairing and maintaining the portable fire equipment and emergency exit lighting systems of our established customer base upon completion of our training program. This includes leveraging our industry-leading expertise for systems testing and inspections, identification of code and non-conformance issues and on-site emergency troubleshooting and repairs. To fuel our continued growth, selling and promoting additional products and services would also play an important part of the role.

Kitchen Suppression Technician

  • Performance of semi-annual or annual inspections and preventative maintenance services on various extinguisher or kitchen hood suppression systems
  • Service and repair deficiencies found during the inspection process.
  • Complete electronic and/or hand-written inspection reports Document time worked as well as all paperwork relating to assigned tasks in a timely manner
  • Assist the scheduling and completion of assigned duties
  • Ability to work independently and use provided personal protective equipment

Fire Extinguisher Technicians


Service existing customer base
Recommend additional equipment when appropriate
Lift 5 -25 lbs
Knowledge of hand tools (channel locks, drills, pipe wrenches, etc.)
Fire extinguisher/suppression maintenance, testing, troubleshooting/repairing, new delivery, placement and installation
Knowledge of field safety
Provide exceptional customer service and quality of work