Next Generation Systems


One of the newer systems for fire suppression is Stat-X. Stat-X is an aerosol suppression systems that can be utilized in many applications. The systems is composed of rugged stainless steel self contained canisters  that when activated disperses a fine mist of aerosol.  This mist chemically extinguishes fires without any damage to equipment and no cleanup of the chemical. The Stat-X units are not pressurized and are easy to install both inside a building and within enclosed equipment cabinets and other isolated areas. The units themselves have heat detecting actuators that can be connected to both visual and audio fire protection systems. The rising heat inside the room and/or the enclosed area activates the Stat-X unit which in turn extinguishes the fire.  After 10-60 minutes the aerosol dissipates with no equipment damage.  This system is the most environmental friendly replacement for old Halon 1301 systems.

The best commercial kitchens are uncompromising when it comes to the quality and reliability of their appliances. At Amerex, we believe the same should be true when it comes to protecting these investments from one of the greatest threats in commercial kitchens— fire. The NEW COBRA Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System is proof that we do not compromise. There’s no other system like it. No other company has it. No commercial kitchen should be without it.

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