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The last thing you want to happen is a major fire in your premises. It can not only endanger lives but also structurally damage your business and cripple it for years. Not to mention the cost to put everything back in place can be huge! Simple steps can help you avoid such a nightmare scenario.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems help stop the spread of fire in commercial and industrial settings. If operated on time, it can not only save countless lives but also check property damage. No wonder local laws and insurance providers mandate that fire sprinklers be installed correctly on the property.

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems Design and Installation
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspection
  • 5 Year Title 19 Inspection and Certification
  • 3 Month and Yearly Inspection
  • Fire Sprinkler System Upgrade and Replacement
  • Tenant Improvement Services
  • Fire Hydrant Installation, Inspection and Repair
  • Fire Hose Sales, Installation and Testing
  • Underground Fire Line
  • Sprinkler Valve Repair or Replacement

In the state of California, two standards define the fire sprinkler realm. NFPA 13 deals with fire sprinkler installation while the NFPA 25 relates to fire sprinkler testing, maintenance and inspection. Additionally, Title 24 caters to the requirement of a fire sprinkler system in the premises. Besides jurisdictional requirements, insurance providers also have their own requirements.

Our team of experienced and licensed professionals helps comply with the county’s regulations. We deal in automatic fire sprinkler service Orange County California covering everything from the installation, repair to maintenance and annual servicing. Our warehouse has ample stock of various models, types, and brands so you never have to wait!

Call us today to schedule an appointment for fire sprinkler design, installation or repairs in Orange County.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Depending on the requirements, fire sprinkler systems can be divided into four types. These are:

  • Wet Pipe – This is the basic system with minimal moving parts and a simple water shower mechanism. The automatic alarm valves and sprinkler heads spring into action as soon as a fire is detected. The maintenance costs are low, repairs are cheap and operation is simple.
  • Deluge Type – Deluge systems offer specific fire protection over a region to prevent instant fire suppression. All sprinkler heads operate simultaneously to flood the space with a deluge of water. It works in conjunction with smoke alarms and heat detectors.
  • Pre-Action System – These take multiple inputs into consideration before showering water. It is preferred in museums and art galleries where expensive art is stored. To prevent any fake triggers, the system reads multiple heat signatures, smoke alarms etc. before triggering the fire sprinkler.
  • Dry Pipe System – It is preferred in regions that experience extremely low temperatures. Traditional water-based fire sprinklers can be rendered useless as temperatures drop to sub zero levels. These systems are complex and usually involve a high installation and maintenance cost.

Fire Sprinkler Service in Orange County – Commercial and Industrial Maintenance Plans

Every business is unique! We understand how different businesses operate in their own realm. Hence, we offer custom fire sprinkler service orange county California that is tailor-made to meet your needs. No matter what fire sprinkler is installed at your premises, we have the right professionals for inspections and certifications.

We deal in:

  • Leaky sprinkler pipes or heads
  • Damaged pipes
  • Malfunctioning control valves
  • No water pressure
  • Obsolete or corroded equipment or parts
  • Non-functional backflow preventers
  • Damaged seismic braces or hangers
  • Tamper switch problems


Quickly return to normalcy with our fast response repair services. We cover everything from leaky heads to blocked sprinkler pipes that can pose a threat to the safety of your premises and staff. Take timely action to prevent any major damage.

Simply give us a call and we will schedule a no-obligation appointment. Our representative will discuss your fire sprinkler repair; servicing or inspection needs to offer you a custom fire sprinkler systems design. Feel free to give us a call and get a quote.

NFPA 25 Fire Sprinkler Inspections

We undertake monthly, quarterly, 6-month, annual, and five-yearly fire safety inspections for various local businesses in Orange County. Whether it is your first inspection or tenth, we have got what it takes to undertake the inspection correctly.

Our Inspection Process

  • Main drain test – It reveals restored, static and residual pressures.
  • Alarm bell testing to check monitoring activity and response time.
  • Inspector’s test valve examination.
  • Check every control valve and mark the damaged ones.
  • Visual inspection to ascertain a tampering, sprinkler head damage or seismic bracings.
  • Check the sprinkler coverage area and measure appropriate coverage.
  • Verify and report any hindrance to the fire sprinkler operation.
  • Check signage attached to every accessory and check its last update information.
  • Fill and submit the compliance report as per the state’s reporting guidelines.

Don’t wait for a fire to strike! Take pre-emptive action today and schedule an inspection. Our trained professionals will help you meet local fire safety standards.

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