Refill Your Fire Extinguisher

We DO NOT refill fire extinguisher at our Irvine location we only service at homes and business locations.

Whether you’ve just used your fire extinguisher or you’ve heard about the spike in Irvine, CA fires and are looking to preemptively educate yourself, you may find yourself thinking about how to refill a fire extinguisher. In fact, refilling or recharging your fire extinguisher can often be done at home — you don’t need to buy an entirely new unit! Here are some things to check when it comes to the DIY aspect of refilling a fire extinguisher.

Check to Make Sure Your Fire Extinguisher Can Be Refilled

Although most extinguishers in Irvine, CA, especially those sold nowadays, are refillable, some are not. Usually, extinguishers with a metal head can be refilled, while those with a plastic head cannot. Plastic-head fire extinguishers are usually less expensive than metal-head ones, however, so you may just want to buy a plastic-head extinguisher and replace it if you ever have to use it, or in several years when the pressure becomes reduced. If you’re not sure, you can always ask a professional or a member of the Irvine, CA fire department which one would work best for your specific situation.

Completely Discharge Your Extinguisher

There are usually two reasons you would have to refill an extinguisher. You may have used it to put out a fire, or you may have had the extinguisher for six or seven years, at which point it will require recharging due to losing pressurization over time. Whether you only used the extinguisher once and did not use all of the suppression material inside or you haven’t used it at all and the pressure gauge is just below the acceptable amount, you still need to use all of the material before you can safely open the extinguisher. Refill the Extinguisher Using the Correct Kind of Material

There are multiple types of fire extinguishers: dry chemical fire extinguishers, water fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers, and dry powder fire extinguishers. You should read the label and get the type of material that is already inside your fire extinguisher so that you can be sure to use it again. Then, you’ll refill the fire extinguisher and use a pressurizing machine or air compressor to raise the pressure level in the extinguisher to acceptable levels. Remember, however, that the parts of your extinguisher may succumb to wear and tear over time, and if you notice visible deterioration of any parts, you should take your fire extinguisher to a professional Irvine Fire Protection company or buy a new one for optimal fire suppression. We consider our company to be the best fire protection company in Irvine, CA. Just give us a call and experience the Majestic Fire difference.

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