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Foam Fire Suppression Systems


When  Foam Fire Suppression Systems are determined the best system for the client, we make sure the fire suppression systems are designed so that the foam chemical is delivered to the target area in a controlled manner. Majestic Fire Protection can give you a free consultation, design your Foam Fire Suppression System, give quality installation service and certification.

Low Expansion Foam: Low Expansion foam offers a 5:1 expansion rate, making it a foam system of choice to protect large and hazardous facilities, including; petro-chemical tank farms, loading docks, processing areas and refineries and liquefied natural gas storage. Organizations storing or handling flammable and combustible liquids will usually need to comply by having such a system.

High Expansion Foam: With an expansion rate of 500:1, High Expansion Foam Fire Suppression Systems are more suitable to protect less common three-dimensional hazardous facilities including; warehouses, conveyors, aircraft hangars and tunnels. As such, High Expansion foam is measured by volume output rather than application rate, as is typical of low expansion foams.

Discharge Devices: With both low and high expansion Foam Fire Suppression Systems, once a facility has been evaluated either an “Aspirating” or “Non-Aspirating” discharge device will be recommended, based on the facilities requirements.

• Aspirating discharge devices produce a more viscous foam & are great for reducing burn back and keeping the foam contained.
• Non-aspirating devices may be used with certain low-expansion foam agents which do not rely on a thick blanket of foam to achieve extinguishment.