FM-200 Suppression Systems

fm 200 fire protection

FM-200 is one of the best Halon fire suppression systems on the market. FM-200 will extinguish a fire utilizing a combination of chemically based products that inhibited the fire. This chemically based system is easy to use, safer for the environment than other systems, and can be used with sensitive industrial and/ or laboratory equipment.

The majority of the companies that use FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems are those that would be highly affected if their business operation is interrupted for any amount of time. These businesses trust the fire suppression system because it is fast and there operation can be back up and running within hours. The FM-200 Fire Suppression system can be set up to be simple, just deploying the agent to the more complex, which is the automatic shutdown of electrical and other equipment, the sounding of custom fire alarms before the agent is released in the facility.

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