Fire Suppression Maintenance

Design & Maintenance

Majestic Fire Protection is known as a quality fire suppression company in the Los Angeles Area. Fire Suppression System Design & Maintenance are completed by licensed and experienced professionals. Our specialty is systems design for businesses, restaurants various industrial applications, (such as semiconductor facilities and clean-rooms) and vehicles. a qualified fire suppression company like Majestic Fire Protection is necessary for all businesses.

Fire sprinkler in petrochemical plant.

Fire Suppression System:

Clean Agent fire suppression systems are required in data processing, communications, aviation, medical, museums and many other industries.

Majestic Fire Inc. assists customers with Fire Suppression System Design & Maintenance  of clean agent fire suppression systems.

  • Semi-annual inspection, test, and certification.
  • Repair, recharge, and cylinder hydrostatic testing.
  • Install new systems: FM-200 according to NFPA code compliance.
  • 24-hour emergency service

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems:

Businesses use hot cooking oils, various types of fats, grease and other flammable substances in their kitchens. Some of these businesses also use high-energy cooking appliances that has the ability to turn a commercial kitchen operation into an environment for fire risk. Majestic Fire Protection assists customers with Fire Suppression System Design & Maintenance. We make sure that you have the most affordable and dependable commercial kitchen fire suppression system and equipment essential to rapid containment of commercial and residential kitchen fires.

  • Semi-annual inspection, test, and certification
  • Repair, recharge, and cylinder hydrostatic test
  • Install new wet chemical systems
  • 24-hour emergency service

Kitchen Fire Safety Commitment

If you have a Dry Chemical System or a System that does not comply with the UL 300 Standard, it may pose an immediate and serious safety concern. We can give you a free consultation and quote so that your new system is designed correctly and service provided according to regulations.

Special Fire Hazard Suppression Systems:

Today’s business environment often rely on computers and high-technology equipment. Protecting this critical equipment requires the right kind of Fire Suppression System Design & Maintenance; otherwise even a small fire can result in a major disaster. Majestic Fire Protection is a fire suppression company providing a broad range of Fire Suppression System Design & Maintenance to detect and suppress fires in seconds, with minimal collateral damage, clean-up and downtime. Such applications include: data storage, computer rooms, flammable liquid storage, industrial equipment, medical records, financial records, museum exhibits, historical sites and telecommunication facilities.

  • CO2 systems service, design & inspection (low and high pressure system)
  • Majestc Fire Protection can help in the design, installation and certification
  • Clean agent suppression systems recharge service and maintenance.
  • Redesign for hazard changes Professional Engineer Certification

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