30 seconds is all it takes for a flame to turn into a fire.

In minutes, it spreads uncontrollably, engulfs your property, and puts the safety of your loved ones at serious risk.

Integrating fire sprinkler systems into your existing fire safety plan is critical, no matter how big or small your residential, industrial, or commercial property is.

Majestic Fire Protection offers you efficient, well-maintained, and fully serviced automatic fire sprinkler systems designed to protect every property in Southern California.

30 seconds is all it takes for a flame to turn into a fire.

In minutes, it spreads uncontrollably, engulfs your property, and puts the safety of your loved ones at serious risk.


Our team of expert technicians can handle fire sprinkler repair, design, installation, and servicing, all at affordable prices to ensure you, your loved ones, and everyone around you gets the fire protection they deserve.

Why Choose Majestic Fire Sprinkler?


Safety, upgraded

Fire safety constantly evolves, and our full-licensed technician team with over years of experience is here to make sure your fire sprinkler systems are repaired, up-to-date, and upgraded.

Expand your business knowing every room is fully protected all day, every day.


Regulatory Compliance

Closely connected to insurance companies and government officials to guarantee above-board service and regulatory-compliant fire sprinkler systems, ensuring safety, legality, and 100% protection across your entire property. No corners cut. Your life and assets are the top priority.



A wide portfolio of fire sprinkler systems for any type of application, including wet pipe fire sprinklers for office spaces, dry pipe sprinklers for cold storage facilities, deluge sprinklers for chemical factories, and water mist sprinklers for small fire prevention. Versatility and adaptability at their finest.



Fire Sprinkler System

Four fire sprinkler system services. Four ways to protect you, your property, your assets, and your loved ones from fire-related incidences — each one efficient, compliant, and cost-effective.


Wet Pipe Fire
Sprinkler Systems

Our wet pipe fire sprinkler systems are the most popular fire protection choice in the US today, providing you with reliable sprinkler heads capable of neutralizing fires via localized, targeted water dispersal from ceilings and walls.

Rackmount installation upgrades are available for your warehouse, office space, indoor parking area, school, university, or other related buildings requiring extensive fire protection across larger land areas — a higher outright investment but better long-term cost savings.


Dry Pipe Fire
Sprinkler Systems

Does your business operate in colder, almost sub-zero conditions?

A fully water-based fire sprinkler system won’t help you here, as the sprinkler heads can often freeze and become damaged.

Our dry pipe fire sprinkler systems combine air and nitrogen with water to prevent sprinkler head freeze and malfunction, even in temperatures that drop below 40°F/4°C. Ideal for refrigerated warehouses, storage facilities, unheated buildings, and parking garages.


Deluge Fire
Sprinkler Systems

Commercial and industrial properties handling hazardous, flammable substances are at higher risk of fire incidences and subsequent loss of life and assets. Our advanced deluge fire sprinkler system service fully protects your at-risk properties, including aircraft hangers, nuclear plants, chemical storage factories, and all other related facilities.


Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems

Our water mist fire sprinkler systems are the ultimate protection against the growth and spread of early-stage fires, specifically Class A fires. 

Moreover, water mist fire sprinkler systems can assist wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems and prevent Class B and F fire re-ignition. An excellent choice if you require a water-damage-free fire sprinkler system.

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