Fire Pump Tester Chiefs Regulation 4

Active Certified Fire Pump Testers

Fire Pump Chiefs Regulation 4


When you certify fire pump systems the process is a lot more comprehensive and detailed than other fire protection certifying components. The City of Los Angeles has The Fire Chiefs Regulation 4 Requirements for Active Certified ‘Fire Pump’ Testers. Regulation 4 is basically a certifying format to make sure that fire protection specialist and engineers have the knowledge to follow NFPA codes and standards. Let’s just touch on some basic definitions.

The fire protection systems need a way to be supplied with the required water flow. This is the fire pumps job. The fire pump tester from Majestic Fire Protection will configure the system according to customer specifications and Chiefs Regulation 4 codes and regulations. The fire pump systems consist of the pump, drive, a driver coupling and connects the two components and the base plate.  Generally when someone buys a new fire pump system they come as package that includes all the components needed to properly set the systems up.  Majestic Fire Protection is certified to use numerous  manufactures fire pump systems as well as build a custom pumping system for large manufactures and industrial operations. Our Fire Pump Tester can hydrostatically test fire pumps per regulation 4 both in house and onsite.

If you are in need of a regulation 4 Fire Pump Tester for your fire protection system or just looking for a great fire protection company please give a call. 818-501-4989




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