Fire Protection for Businesses

If you are a business owner, you must take fire protection seriously. Doing so not only keeps your business safe but also protects your employees and customers. Several types of fire protection systems are available. Each was designed by fire protection engineers and plays a specific role in keeping your business fire-safe. This is important, as fire protection is a key factor in the smooth operation of any restaurant or commercial business.

Kitchen Hood Suppression System

As a responsible restaurant owner, you will need to have a fire suppression system in the kitchen hood. This system quickly and effectively combats any fires that break out in the cooking area. A kitchen hood fire suppression system is important because it works automatically, without the need for employee intervention. Once it detects a fire, the system goes into action, preventing the blaze from spreading. Employees with fire extinguishers or fire blankets will not be able to respond as quickly, so it is vital to protect your commercial kitchen with this piece of equipment.

Proper Placement of a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

The size of your kitchen won’t affect the location of your kitchen hood fire protection system simply because the system is usually hidden from sight inside the hood. The hood, naturally, hangs above the cooking area and is used primarily for venting purposes. Because of its close proximity to hot surfaces, boiling grease, and oil, the hood system is effective at combatting any accidental fires arising from these threats. Plus, it will help you save money, as any and all forms of fire protection will earn you discounts on your business insurance policy.


Types of Fires That the Kitchen Hood System Is Designed to Fight

Most of the fires that start in commercial kitchens are the results of a burning chip pan. The only way to put out one of these fires is with a wet chemical kitchen hood fire protection system. This system works in much the same way as a fire blanket—it cuts the fire’s oxygen supply, though in this case using only a small amount of a chemical agent. Because the agent contains non-corrosive and non-toxic materials, it will not seriously damage kitchen appliances.


If you are a business owner, you owe it to your employees and customers to ensure that your facility is fire-safe. There are many different ways to do this, ranging from fire dampers in your ducts to fire doors, walls, and windows. If your business is a restaurant, your fire safety concerns will most likely focus on the kitchen. A kitchen hood fire suppression system is the most logical and efficient way to protect cooking surfaces. Of course, you will also want to employ fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, and fire alarms to protect the people and property on your premises.

Benefits of a Kitchen Hood Fire Protection System

We’ve already explained how passive forms of fire protection can protect your building. A combination of fire doors, fire blankets, fire walls, and fire extinguishers will offer excellent fire protection for your business. However, a kitchen is a very unique setting, which means it requires a little more in the way of fire protection. Following are the benefits that a kitchen hood fire protection system provides: