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There are many Fire Protection Companies in Southern California, but not all Fire Protection Companies operate equality. We are going to give you a few basic tips to evaluate A Fire protection Company, for the general public and small business owners, so you can make sure that you’re hiring a certified company with the specializations that you need. First, if you are a home owner, or even if you live rent an apartment it is wise to have a fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen. If you’re saying to yourself, why do I need one when I have a fire sprinkler system you’re not alone. Have you thought about the cost that you will incur if that system were to be triggered by a small kitchen fire that can easily be suppressed with a fire extinguisher?


As you can see there could be a big difference in the cost. If you do not have a fire extinguisher it will cost you upwards of $650.00 if you have an isolated event that does not spread to other rooms in your home. If you have a fire extinguisher and are able to put the fire out quickly, before the activation of the fire sprinkler system, it will cost you upwards of $35.00. Even if you disagree with these numbers and think that it would cost $200.00 less to fix your home back to the original condition, the cost savings is still what you would pay for your monthly auto loan. Now, some of you are saying that your insurance company will pick up the bill. Ok, you’re probably right. Do you really believe that the insurance company is not going to recoup the cost when they jack up your insurance premium?

If you are looking for a company that can not only install your sprinkler system, but is also able to certify and strategically place fire extinguishers in your home, you need to make sure the company has a fire extinguisher licensing and a general contractor licensing. In California you do not call a general contractor, for fire extinguishers you need someone who has a specialty contractor’s license for Fire Protection. For the fire sprinkler service the company needs to also be fire protection, certified and if your systems is integrated into an electrical alarm system the fire protection company needs to the an electrical contractor. So let’s summarise:


California Contractors Licensing for Fire Protection Companies

Fire Extinguishers
CA State Fire Marshal Licensing board

Fire Sprinklers
C16 Fire Protection Contractor
C10 Electrical Contractor for Electrical Alarm systems.

In addition to these licensing you should make sure that the fire protection companies that you’re evaluating are bonded and insured. If you have a fire alarm the company must be certified by the manufacture to provide maintenance on their system. Fortunately for our fire protection company, we have all the licensing and insurance requirements covered and have been in business for over 20 years. If you’re in business and need to find out some details of fire protection companies please click the link below.

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