Fire Hose Service & Fire Hose Cabinets


Majestic Fire Protection offers a wide variety of Fire Hoses that will fit the bill and satisfy your specific needs. We work with fire hose manufacturers that offer every fire hose and hose accessory that might be needed. If you are seeking a Single Jacket Fire Hoses or Double Jacket Fire Hoses, Coupled or Uncoupled, we are your fire hose source. If we do not have it in stock, we will get expeditiously!

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  • Fire Hose Breaker Bars
  • Fire Hose Cabinet Glass
  • Fire Hose Couplings
  • Fire Hose Playpipes
  • Fire Hose Testing
  • Fire Hose Pin Racks
  • Fire Hose Brackets
  • Polycarbonate Fire Hoses
  • Brass Fire Hose Nozzles
  • Fire Department Connections
  • Adapters, Caps & Plugs For Fire Hoses
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