Fire Door Inspection

fire door inspection

Fire Door Inspection are a very important service for office buildings, commercial facilities, and industrial complexes. What the fire door does is prevent the spread of fire and smoke between different sections of the building or facility. Each fire door has a fire resistance rating that determines the degree and duration of fire that the door can withstand. Rules and regulations concerning fire door standards are governed by state and local laws. Majestic fire protection is certified to install and repair all brands of fire doors.

During a fire door inspection your technician will check:

  1. Damage to the door such as holes or breaks in the fire door frame
  2. Make sure that the glass kit is intact and secure
  3. Check the the door frame and all hardware are in working order
  4. Measure the proper door clearances
  5. Make sure that the door is actually self-closing an operational
  6. Make sure sequence closing it Is correct for paired doors
  7. Make sure no external Device is interfering with fire door operation
  8. That no modifications outside manufacturer and State and local regulations interfere with the operation of the fire door
  9. Make sure no modifications have been performed on the door that Floyds the label
  10. Check to make sure gasketing indoor seals are in excellent condition

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Roll Up Door Inspection
fire door inspection

Roll Up Door Inspection

Role Up Door’s proved business with strong durably security features as well as fire protection.  Roll-up doors are usually installed near warehouse entrances and loading docks but can be installed over entrance doorways Windows in other entry points of commercial and industrial facilities. The advantage of having roll-up doors are numerous.  The door basically rolls up top instead of taking space immediately inside the doorway., we can also inspect these doors at the same time we conduct regular fire door inspection. The roll-up door runs along a secure track not easy to pry open and can be sealed against smoke from fires.  If your company is interested in the stainless steel variety been you have the extra added bonus of a roll up door that retains its strength over many years of heavy use and requires very little maintenance outside of the potential annual fire door inspection which is not required on All roll up doors.

Stainless steel roll-up doors or even recyclable which can line up with most corporate environmentally friendly policies. NFPA 80 gives guidance on the inspection and testing of fire doors to establish correct operation, full closure, and correct reset and return. Role up door testing is also included in this mandate. Role up doors should be tested annually for deficiencies and have them corrected to prevent accidents. Please also take advantage of our sprinkler maintenance services

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