Different Fire Alarm Control Panels and Their Uses


Fire Alarm Maintenance Service in Fullerton, CA

When you’re preparing to install fire alarm control panels in Fullerton, CA there are multiple different options — usually, the two panels that you’ll hear about are conventional panels and addressable panels. However, just those names don’t give you a whole lot of information as to what they actually do. If you’re planning to install a full fire alarm system, it’s a good idea to know a little bit more about your fire alarm control panel, as they’ll help you recognize and react to a fire alarm in the most convenient and efficient way. You will also need to kep in mind that Fire Alarm Maintenance Service will be needed in the future.

Conventional Panels

As their name would suggest, conventional panels are an earlier type of fire alarm control panels, and most older fire systems use them. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re inferior to addressable panels! Many fire protection services still sell and service conventional panels, because many businesses still have a substantial amount of use for them and are already on fire alarm maintenance service schedule with a fire protection company.

Conventional panels are very simple. They work off “zones,” which are usually arranged by floor, so that each floor is its own zone. When you get your fire alarm installed, your installing contractor will lay out these zones if you’ve decided to use a conventional fire alarm system, so it makes sense geographically; if you have a contractor that understands how to best lay out conventional panels, your zones will make very logical progressions, so you can immediately react to a fire alarm by seeing where it’s been triggered.

Addressable Panels

Due to advances in technology since conventional panels were first invented, addressable panels are much more technological, and many businesses in such tech-savvy sectors as Los Angeles have switched over to addressable systems. Instead of just being a simple process that responds to changes in electrical current, there is a microprocessor in addressable panels that essentially creates a small computer right in your fire alarm control panel.

With addressable panels, instead of having overarching zones, each device in the system has its own particular address. When you install an addressable system, you’ll be able to see not only that the fire alarm has been triggered on the first floor, but also that it's detector B in conference room A, meaning that you can pinpoint the exact origin of the fire. However, they are more complicated; if you’re going to use addressable panels, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting an extremely knowledgeable installer so that your devices are organized properly and you should always make sure that you call Majestic Fire Protection Fire Alarm Maintenance Service, to make sure that everything is in certified working condition. We consider ourselves the best fire protection company in Fullerton, CA.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

It’s true that fire extinguishers are long lasting and durable. However, because of many factors you might find it has dents, has leaked or is rusting a bit. These are reasons that can impair your fire extinguishers ability to work as expected and when needed. Monthly inspections are key so if it’s recognized that there may be a defect with your fire extinguisher it’s important that it be taken care of immediately.