Majestic’s fire alarm installation service.

Your 24-hour fire protection watchman. Always watching. Always listening.

I will defend your property, assets, and loved ones from fire-related incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We offer comprehensive fire alarm installation, repair, inspection, and certification to addresses in Southern California and beyond — all carried out by our expert team of dedicated licensed technicians.

Professional installation. Round-the-clock monitoring. Competitive prices. A huge range of fire alarm systems, including Kidde Smoke Alarm, FireX Smoke Alarm, and Code One Fire Alarm.

Majestic’s fire alarm installation service.

Your 24-hour fire protection watchman. Always watching. Always listening.

I will defend your property, assets, and loved ones from fire-related incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Perfect for residential, industrial, and commercial applications, including homes, apartment blocks, schools, restaurants, storage facilities, data centers, and many more.

Why Choose Majestic Fire Alarm Service


Professional End-to-End Care

Full-service fire alarm protection requires beginning-to-end safety planning, technical expertise, and professional care. Without it, you’re not getting the fire protection you deserve.

Our fire protection technicians are committed to safeguarding your property and defending your loved ones from unforeseen fire incidents. We’re with you every step of the way.


Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory fire protection guidelines are complex and not easy to understand, so we work closely with government officials, insurance companies, and other regulatory agencies to guarantee compliance at every level.

Our service ensures safe, legal, and up-to-spec fire alarm networks.


Free Consultation & 24-Hour Protection

Unsure which fire alarm system you require? Got questions about your existing fire alarm network? Want to replace your old fire alarms with new ones?

Look no further.

We offer a free, non-binding consultation phone call to answer all your questions, queries, and concerns about our fire alarm system services.

Better still, you can enjoy 24-hour fire protection once your fire alarm systems are ready and working.



Fire Alarm System Repair

From hardwired smoke alarm installation to smoke alarm installation and repair, we guarantee professional service, expert knowledge, and beginning-to-end care by our team of licensed technicians.


Hardwired Smoke Alarm Installation

Discreet but dependable. Our hardwired smoke alarms are like battery-powered detectors but with cables running behind a wall or ceiling, meaning you never have to worry about it powering down. 24/7 fire protection is guaranteed, no matter which type of commercial, industrial, or residential property you own.


Wireless Smoke Alarm Installation

Switching from hardwired to wire-free? Our wireless smoke alarm installation service covers your commercial, industrial, or residential property, protecting it from fire-related incidents day and night. What’s more, wireless fire alarm systems boast true interconnectivity and act as a fire defense network. A fire in an isolated basement or facility will alert all systems operating on your property—not just one—which means no fire goes unnoticed.


Alarm Repair

A faulty or broken smoke alarm system means less chance of detecting potential fire incidents, putting you, your property, and your loved ones at serious risk. Our comprehensive smoke alarm repair services fix, replace, and upgrade your existing fire alarm systems up to regulatory and industry standards — all carried out by our licensed and certified technicians.


Alarm Certification

We offer you a smoke alarm certification service to ensure alarm quality, safety, operability, and regulatory compliance, guaranteeing the best detection and protection against fire-related property damage or loss. Our licensed technicians will carry out the certification process hassle-free and at a lower price than many other competitors on the market. 

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