Emergency Lights Maintenance

Emergency Lights Maintenance

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When there is an emergency and it happens to be a fire emergency the systems that are put in place need to work properly. Emergency Lights and Exit Signs improve and increase security for buildings and the people who work in those buildings. Emergency Lights are very important and is required by law.

Majestic Fire Protection, Inc. sells, installs, tests and maintains high quality Emergency Lights exit signs. It’s vital to have professional who know the building code install the Emergency Lights so it remains up to code. We are the experts in emergency lighting installation, repair and maintenance.

  • Inspection & testing is required annually, semi-annually, quarterly, and/ or monthly
  • Batteries Should be tested with a battery analyzer
  • Bulbs and Batteries Should be tested and replaced as needed
  • Test and replace lighting units as needed

When it comes to Emergency Lights for your home or building it’s important that you choose the right type of lighting so it works when you need it. LED lighting is a very economical form of lighting. LED emergency lights is are high quality and reduce energy usage. We also recommend that systems that are hard wired be purchased with a backup battery so the lighting works when the power goes out.

There are other options when it comes to emergency lights. Self Luminous Tritium exit signs are great because they are self powered. They do not require an electrician to install wiring, don’t need backup batteries or generators. The signs can be mounted anywhere in a building. These signs last very long and as stated require no electricity.

High quality exit signs and Emergency Lights are easily installed and are reliable. The type of lights that are available are halogen, incandescent, dual head and exit lighting and sign combinations.

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