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 Emergency Exit Lights

Majestic Fire Protection, carries every type of Emergency Exit Lights and signage for your safety needs. We have Battery back-up, Dual Circuit & A.C. only LED Exit Signs. We also carry a wide variety of Exit & Emergency Exit Lights Combo type lighting, and some with motion detectors. We can install anywhere form one emergency light to designing blueprints for a high-rise structure.

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that every building have at least 2 exit routes to be deemed a “safe” building. The exit routes are required to be clearly marked with OSHA-approved Emergency Exit Lights and evacuation signs so that people occupying the building are guided to exits and escape routes, and so fire fighters can easily locate emergency equipment.

Majestic Fire Inc., takes fire protection seriously and we are here to answer any questions about Emergency Exit Lights and Exit Signage you might have.

Call Majestic at 800-918-8978 with any question about Emergency Exit Lights & signs.

Emergency Exit Lights