How to Get to Safety in Case of a Fire Emergency


Beverly Hills Emergency Exit lights Installation

While it’s not something that most people in Beverly Hills want to think about, the reality is that you may eventually have to evacuate a building or even a city due to a fire. Evacuation maps, emergency exit lights, and coaching by professionals are just three of the things that you can rely on to know where to go in case of a fire emergency. You also need to make sure you have emergency exit lights installation service by a certified and licensed company like Majestic Fire Protection

Evacuation Maps

Every commercial building is required to have an evacuation plan; in fact, it’s an important part of the Los Angeles fire code. Usually, these evacuation plans take on the form of evacuation maps that are posted at multiple places around the building, so that everyone can know where to go in case of a fire emergency or any other kind of emergency, such as a flood or dangerous situation. Employees of the company are required to know the evacuation plan, but even if you’re only a visitor, it’s probably a good idea to keep in mind where the evacuation plans are, so you have an idea of where to find the closest exit, just in case.

Emergency Exit Lights Installation

The iconic exit signs in Beverly Hills above emergency exits are another important part of recognizing and reacting to a potential fire emergency. The exit signs are lit up, usually in neon, so they’re easy to see even if smoke is making it difficult to see anything, and there are plenty of emergency exits around every type of commercial building. Similarly to evacuation maps, these exit signs are obvious and are readily available throughout the building, so you should take note of them.

Coaching by Professionals

The employees of any Beverly Hills business are usually required to know the evacuation plan by heart, should a fire alarm be triggered at any time. If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, or you don’t see an exit or evacuation plan readily available, you should find the nearest employee, who will help you. The Beverly Hills Firefighters can also help you if you’re caught in the fire. Even if you’re unable to get out of the building, whether because the stairs aren’t accessible or because the fire has grown too large, firefighters can often help you get to safety, whether by coming into the building or by coaching you from the outside. No matter what, always listen to the professionals when it comes to fire safety. This is one of the key reason you should always make sure you have emergency exit lights installation service. The emergency exit lights will help everyone get out of the building safely.

How To Mount Emergency Lights & Exit Signs

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

It’s true that fire extinguishers are long lasting and durable. However, because of many factors you might find it has dents, has leaked or is rusting a bit. These are reasons that can impair your fire extinguishers ability to work as expected and when needed. Monthly inspections are key so if it’s recognized that there may be a defect with your fire extinguisher it’s important that it be taken care of immediately.