CO2 Suppression Systems


Co2 (Carbon dioxide) is a clean agent fire suppression system that can extinguish fires without damage to sensitive equipment. You can use a FM 200 Fire Suppression systems with C02 and there is no cleaning up of Fire Suppression agents after the fire. The system helps businesses restore full operations faster than chemical based systems. CO2 (Carbon dioxide) is one of the most popular and effective fire suppression systems available today. CO2 (Carbon dioxide) can be used on many types of fires and for many commercial and residential applications. CO2 (Carbon dioxide) suppression systems raise the level of carbon dioxide that is concentrated in the fire, which neutralizes the oxygen supporting the fire and thus extinguishes the flame. One of the best features of a CO2 (Carbon dioxide) suppression system using a FM 200 Fire Suppression setup is that it does not negatively affect sensitive equipment like electronics and high voltage applications

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