sprinkler head reposition

Changing Fire Sprinkler Position For Better Coverage

sprinkler head reposition

Relocating sprinkler heads installed in ceiling panels is the kind of task best left to seasoned hands. When building access time is at play or you just want to update the fire suppression system as quickly and efficiently as possible, Majestic Fire Protection’s methodical workflow makes an important task a straightforward process. 

Recently, Majestic Fire Protection installation expert Alberto walked us through the process of installing sprinkler heads in tile panels.

Identify the new Sprinkler Head Location

Majestic Fire Protection’s seasoned installation experts have years of experience maintaining fire sprinkler systems and replacing fire sprinkler heads. So much so, that our first observation of any room is to look toward where the fire sprinkler heads need to be located. 

Once we’ve taken measurements to make sure we’re on track, we mark and set a hole for the new sprinkler head. 

With the new location set, we then set out to find the sprinkler head that needs to be replaced. Once we’ve located the old sprinkler, we can determine how long of a pipe we need to extend the water line to a location that meets code. 

Set the Path

From there we look toward the new location to find out what obstacles need to be cleared. We clear any material like insulation out of the way and then measure the length of pipe we need to in order to extend the waterline. With the extended line’s measurements, we and set off to cut and ready a new pipe. 

Remove the Old Sprinkler Head

With the new pipe on its way, we are ready to remove and cap off the old sprinkler head. First, we first turn off the water at the intake connection. Then we use a plastic bag to contain the catch water. At every stage, we double-check that the water is controlled as much as possible. 

Extend the Water Line

The newly cut pipe is then installed. With the waterline now extended to right above the new sprinkler head hole. We’re now set to drop down the new fire sprinkler head. We take a measurement from the new waterline extension pipe down to the hole in the ceiling tile. A new pipe is then cut at our mobile machine shop. We then thread, tape, and attach the newly cut pipe to the new sprinkler head. 

Cut & Thread Sprinkler Head To the Pipe

Our mobile tool and machine shop lets us measure and cut, rethread and tape the existing pipe to fit the demands of the site. Once it’s cut, threaded and prepped, the pipe is ready for immediate installation. Precise and fast, Majestic Fire Protection installation experts are in constant movement to update your fire sprinkler system with as little interruption to the normal flow of the building as possible. 

Connect New Sprinkler Head To The Extenetd Waterline

The new sprinkler head and pipe are then connected to the extended water line. Once we hang the new head in the ceiling tile, we tighten the connections. After we replace each fire sprinkler head in the designated area, we then prepare to turn on the water and check for leaks. 

The Process of Checking our Work

When all of the sprinkler heads have been replaced, we check our new fire sprinkler head installations to make sure that there are no water leaks in the plumbing. We take it slow and test the waterlines in a manner that makes us able to shut the water off immediately. 

First, we make sure the lines are clear and set the intake pressure on the interior valve to 90 PSI. 

Then our team technician goes to monitor the exterior PIV Valve – where we turn the water supply to the sprinkler system back on. Once the water is turned on, the fire alarm will activate and continue to ring until the system reaches 90 PSI. 

The team leader then checks in with the installation crew who is spread throughout the site inspecting each new sprinkler head in their quadrant. 

Each installation team member checks in with the team leader who is ready to shut off the PIV Valve at any moment. With each new sprinkler head installed and double inspected, the ceiling tile is then replaced. 

For Code Considerations Made Easy

Drop us a note or get in touch to schedule a site visit. From yearly maintenance to occasional updates, Majestic Fire Protection is here for you.