Back-Up Generators


Back-Up  Generators

Having a backup generator if your business location gives you the flexibility to continue operations when there is a power outage. The systems can be critical to some businesses that cannot have any down Time or is handling sensitive or hazardous material.  A backup generator is also critical in small office buildings with a limited staffing just because of its ability to keep your operations Active until you’re able to get the power on or transfer services to an outside provider.  Back up generators come in many sizes and can keep operations running for a set amount of time that can be determined by the amount of power that your facility needs.  Back up power generators can also be run and charge by solar panels, wind power and Fuel cells which is the most common variety for businesses.  Larger fuel-cell systems have many varieties including:

Gaseous fueled generators

These systems come in a wide variety of voltage in are usually filled with regular gasoline.  One of the most important features is the fact that regular gasoline is usually not hard to find an system can be refilled quickly.  This system can also run on natural gas

Diesel fueled generators

Diesel fuel operating systems are a standard in a lot of manufacturing plants Diesel fuel provides longer generator operation and additional power output.

Bi fueled generators

The systems run on natural gas and diesel fuel and have become very common in manufacturing plants because they are seeing as the future of standby generators.

Modular power systems

Modular systems or a cost effective way to integrate numerous types of generators and give the feature of switching between connected generators in the parallel configuration.

Mobile power generators

Mobile generators or popular with the construction companies that need to have power for their operations before City connections come online or to power Mobile office units on site without having to tap into the building power grid.