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National Fire Prevention Week 2018

Fires can be extremely scary, in seconds you can lose almost everything.  Knowing what to do when an emergency occurs is crucial to your safety and is why the National Fire Protection Association created Fire Prevention Week some time ago.  In 1925 the great Chicago fire destroyed homes and even took lives.  In commemoration of…

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Why Should I Choose an FM-200 Suppression System?

Why Should I Choose an FM-200 Suppression System? If you’ve done some research into fire suppression and the most effective methods of fire suppression, you’ve probably run across FM-200 fire suppression systems. Although traditional fire sprinkler systems are still used in many residential and business buildings, a waterless option can result in less cleanup and…

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Household Cleaners You Should Never Mix

 If you are facing a tough mess and have a cleaning job to deal with, it’s easy to get annoyed and mix different cleaning products to finish the job quickly. It is a common misconception that if one cleaning product works well than mixing it with another will make it much better. But the…

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