National Fire Prevention Week 2018

Fires can be extremely scary, in seconds you can lose almost everything.  Knowing what to do when an emergency occurs is crucial to your safety and is why the National Fire Protection Association created Fire Prevention Week some time ago.  In 1925 the great Chicago fire destroyed homes and even took lives.  In commemoration of those who were lost, this week is now a way to educate and further spread awareness about fire prevention to the surrounding community.  Because fires are unpredictable and can spark at any time it is important that all members of your family are properly informed on how to stay safe.  Safety is what matters most!

This year’s campaign initiative is “Look, Listen, and Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere”.  Look for places a fire could start and make sure that all things that be potential “fire starters” are taken care of.  Items such as lit candles, built up dryer lint, and loose lighters are household items that are usually overlooked but are extreme fire starters.  Next make sure to Listen for an alarm.  Fires do not have a clock and can start anytime anywhere so to ensure you are ready designate a meeting area that is far enough from the potential flames and get out as quickly as possible.  Finally is the learning aspect of it all.  Whether you are in school or not it is important to learn your surroundings.  No matter where you are, make sure to designate 2 forms of exit should a flame start. 

Thankfully technology makes everything easier and so does the NFPA.  Using printable information cards, online videos, and Sparky the Fire dog of course, the NFPA has made celebrating this week of knowledge fun and easy.  There’s no need to look any further with their many resources.  If you are looking for an even better experience of this national celebration, many local fire departments will be participating in this initiative as well.  By visiting schools, allowing for fire prevention seminars, and even cookouts the options are endless.  Make sure that you research your local fire department to see if there are any events you can be a part of.  For more information about Fire Prevention Week and to learn how you can prevent any of your own fires visit