Why Should I Choose an FM-200 Suppression System?

If you’ve done some research into fire suppression and the most effective methods of fire suppression, you’ve probably run across FM-200 fire suppression systems. Although traditional fire sprinkler systems are still used in many residential and business buildings, a waterless option can result in less cleanup and a more efficient suppression. Here are some of the most obvious benefits of using an FM-200 suppression system as your fire suppression system of choice.

Waterless and Clean

Water-based suppression systems are a great choice for some homes and businesses but can leave the entire fire area dripping wet. Electronics and paper products can be ruined, or it may just make for some tedious and potentially expensive cleanup. The FM-200 suppression system, on the other hand, is completely waterless and doesn’t result in those kinds of consequences. In addition, with the California drought, using a fire sprinkler system may be extremely expensive, especially for large business clients in Los Angeles, and some municipalities may have limits on the amount of water your business can use in a certain time period without incurring fines or other punishments. With an FM-200 fire suppression system, you won’t have to worry about that.



Some fire extinguishing systems use carbon dioxide or certain chemicals to smother the fire. While by themselves these are usually non-toxic if used in certain ways they can be extremely dangerous. Triggering a carbon dioxide extinguisher in a small, enclosed space can cause a lack of oxygen, and some people may react poorly to even non-toxic chemicals in fire extinguishers. FM-200 is formed of carbon, fluorine, and hydrogen, all of which are extremely common chemicals and are highly unlikely to cause a reaction in anyone. The most potentially dangerous side effect is that skin contact with the liquid, which is very rare, can cause frostbite.


Extremely Easy to Clean Up

No matter what type of fire extinguisher that’s used, whether it’s water, chemicals, or foam, there is going to be some cleanup required after the fact. Much of the time, this cleanup is as taxing as the actual fire and can take multiple hours. However, the FM-200 fire suppression system discharges within 10 seconds, then leaves absolutely no residue. It’s gained worldwide acceptance and been installed over 100,000 times, and it’s likely that it’s a great idea for you and for your business.