Commercial Electrical Services

Our professional electricians are on hand to tackle your commercial electrical issues regardless of the scope of the project. We enjoy a challenge and always rise to meet and exceed your expectations. Some of our services include Tenant Improvement, Complete Design & Build, and Panel Changes.

Other Commercial Electrical Services:

New Construction & Renovations: Building or remodeling your business establishment requires a lot of forethought. Your demands for electricity grow as your business demands grow. Allow us to update your old wiring to ensure that your electrical system meets all requirements for advanced electronic equipment.

Code Violation Corrections: Business owners are required to inspect the premises for electrical code violations. We provide thorough inspections, and will take the time required to correct any code violations we detect.

Parking Lot & Exterior Lighting: A dark parking lot sets the stage for criminal activity. Outdoor lighting gives your business a more professional look while providing safety for employees and clients, and discouraging crime and vandalism.

Hazardous Locations: The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines hazardous locations as areas where “fire or explosion hazards may exist due to flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings.” Hazardous location equipment, by virtue of its design and construction, eliminates the potential for atmosphere ignition. Call us for more information.

Retail Lighting & Ballast Replacement: The right lighting situation creates an inviting shopping atmosphere for your customers, and has been proven to increase sales. Improve the appearance of your retail store and attract more customers with our advanced lighting techniques.

Commercial Kitchen Wiring: Commercial kitchens require specific electrical solutions in order to be completely efficient. Our service technicians are trained in all aspects of electrical installations, repairs, design, and maintenance.

Computer Cabling & Networking: Technological advances in the business world mean you must keep up in order to maintain your edge. Our network cabling solutions offer better performance and fewer network errors, providing peace of mind to you and your employees.

Telecommunications: Communication is extremely important for any type of business. We specialize in system redesigns, system upgrades, system installation, and full telecommunications project execution involving voice and data cabling, Ethernet, and wireless telecommunication, to name a few.

GFCI Installation & Replacement: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is an inexpensive electrical device which is installed in branch circuits to prevent electrocutions and fatal electric shocks. They detect ground faults and interrupt the flow of current, often helping prevent electrical fires.


Industrial Electrical Services

When you need an industrial electrician, you should have extremely high expectations. You want to know who is working on your equipment; you need to know that they can get the job done quickly and correctly. You want them to be prompt and professional as well as competent in the service they are going to provide. That is why we have established service standards we both expect from a professional industrial electrician.

We are licensed and insured and will arrive on time. We know anytime your equipment is down, you are losing money. Your time is precious and you should not be waiting around for service. We promise to treat your equipment with respect and get the job done right the first time. This is personal to us and it shows on everything we do.

As fully qualified industrial electricians, We install, check and repair electrical wiring and equipment in any factory or warehouse setting. We are familiar with the National Electric Code and follow all state and local laws and building codes.

Sample of what our trained industrial electricians can service and perform:

Circuit Breakers
Switchgear Cabinets
Electrical Systems
Handling Terminals
Contacts and Circuit Boards
QA Inspections
Preventative Maintenance

High Voltage Electrical Services

Majestic Fire Protection offers a systematic and safe approach to electrical services. Our capabilities include transformer services, switchgear services, electrical equipment maintenance, electrical testing, repairs, replacement and circuit breaker re-manufacturing. Our service can help prevent downtime by implementing a regular electrical system maintenance schedule. In emergency situations, we will respond quickly to get your electrical power operations back up and running.

Come to us with any Medium Voltage or High Voltage testing and maintenance needs. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. Employees are dedicated to excellence and focus their standards of quality on exceeding your expectations…everyday.

Our service and expertise encompass:

Service upgrades - fuses to breakers, service relocation, underground or overhead.
Lighting Controls - all types of lighting indoor and outdoor including : recessed, fluorescent, track, Rope, spot and motion fixtures, & landscape and post lighting.
Fiber optic design installations testing OTDR, splicing, rents and solutions.
Smoke & carbon-monoxide detector - programming and troubleshooting.
Plugs/receptacles-standard outlets, dedicated outlets, GFCI receptacles & tamper proof outlets.
Appliance wiring.
Wiring for new air conditioners, heaters, water heaters, furnaces, & boilers.
Surge areresters, suppressor (TVSS) & whole house protection.
Generator Systems & transfer switch.
Breaker Testing
Distribution upgrade and retrofit.
Coordination and Arc Flash Studies
Battery Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Low Voltage Electrical Services

Majestic Fire Protection offers a comprehensive set of low voltage solutions that work hand-in-hand with our electrical services. Our work ethic is surpassed by none, and is founded on the premise of finding and correcting the problem, not the symptom. This is crucial to maintaining reliable, cost efficient low voltage systems, no matter what type they are.

We provide installation, maintenance, and repair of many systems including:

Fire Alarm Control Systems
Vehicle Gate Systems
Telephone Entry Systems
Stand Alone Access Systems
Card Reader/ Biometric Access Systems
Video Surveillance Systems
Electronic Locking Devices
GPS Locating Devices
Covert Surveillance Systems
Custom Security Systems
Audio / Visual systems
Networking & Computer Systems